Educational Programing


SammyJDance helps your students become school ready with our unique dance program.

For your child to be successful in kindergarten, the New York Department of Education has mandated eight requirements that need learning and  practicing.  They include Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills,  Social/Emotional Development, Physical Skills, English Language Acquisition, Cognitive Skills, Mathematics, and the Arts. SammyJDance helps your students become school ready.

SammyJDance (SJD) is a dance education company specializing in helping prepare pre-kindergarten (pre-K) children become school ready. 

Samantha McLoughlin, owner/teacher, created this unique program by combining a variety of popular dance styles and childrens' music with the New York Department of Education’s mandated grade skills. The program is also culturally aware and sensitive. Most importantly, it is fun and the pre-schoolers, both girls and boys, look forward to their weekly classes. 

SJD’s program started as a pilot project with a city grant in 2014 at one location in a Bronx pre-K school.  It is now in 5 schools. 

With its combination of creative movement, dance exercises, music and encouraging learning development, all aiming for well-rounded school-ready children, the program is particularly suited to pre-K schools in communities in the Bronx with its lower incomes, and non English speaking families. 

Samantha McLoughlin runs the program and personally trains the other teachers who she hires for this unique program. Samantha and her teachers are all professional dancers who have studied and worked at renowned schools including Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Mark Morris Dance Centre and Shadow Box Theater. 

SJD has chosen to concentrate in the Bronx because we see the need that the community has for education programming of this type. We expect to grow by providing additional locations with our program, allowing us to aid in supporting the Bronx community.

Our dance program connects to eight important objectives for development and learning. We help children excel in following objectives: Gross Motor Skills, Social-Emotional, Physical, Language, Cognitive, Mathematics, The Arts and English Language Acquisition. Your personal program outlines when and how the dance teacher will connect to your curriculum and schools cultural background. Dance is a unique way for children to learn and explore knowledge and life!

For more information and to book our program in your school please email